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The Rocky Road to Acceptance

Posted by Adrian • Wednesday, July 15. 2015 • Category: Gender Diversity

Acceptance I've tried to put acceptance into some sort of context because it isn't very well understood. The better we understand it the more chance there is of some positive outcomes for the Trans community. This post illustrates how the attitudes of society might evolve over time.

We start at the beginning of our journey to acceptance with ignorance.


What you don’t know can’t hurt you!

Ignorance, and its undistinguished partner, denial, is our starting point. If you are not aware that something exists then you have nothing to accept, and no reason to learn about it. If we look back over any contemporary issue such as gay rights, immigration, or the use of asbestos we find a time when sections of society were just not aware that the issue existed. And often those who had heard about the issue would deny it affected them.

Ignorance: We don’t have any homosexuals around here. We are honest country folk who value the traditions of marriage and family life.

The journey of educating society about gender diversity has to move people from ignorance by creating awareness.

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