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The elephant in the bra

Posted by Adrian • Friday, June 5. 2015 • Category: Gender Diversity

elephantBreasts are perceived in our society as a symbol of femininity, a determinant of fashion, and a measure of beauty. So in the transgender community it is unusual to find someone expressing themselves in a feminine way without the shape of breasts. We talk a lot about how a feminine upper body shape makes us feel.

But I find it interesting what we don’t talk about.

At some point, most of us will purchase some breast forms. Breast forms are heavily marketed as having the look and feel of “the real thing”. But as consumers how would we know? Are we being taken for a “bouncy” ride?

But that is the point of this posting. A lot of us do know.

Many of us started our expressions of femininity wearing breast forms, and end up growing “the real thing”. Along with post-mastectomy patients this large group actually knows how breast forms compare with natural breasts – but try searching on Google. It appears that no one actually wants to provide any objective feedback.

Why is this? Do the breast form manufacturers sue if any objective observations are published? Is it just modesty that stops us sharing information on something so close to our femininity?

Well I’ve experienced home-made gel bags, breast forms, and now a pair of 16B boobs. And I’m game to tell the story just like it is!

First a couple of caveats in case I get sued. This has to be my own personal observation. I have not had implants and cannot comment on that experience. And I am aware that breast form technology has advanced over the past few years (as have the marketing claims) and cannot comment on that.

Who exactly does the feeling?

Breast forms are heavily marketed as “feeling natural”.

These Breast Forms are made of 100% medical grade silicone. These are soft to the touch and natural in feel.

All Amoena breast forms have the look, feel and texture of a natural breast.

Only 100% Super Soft silicone is used in our breast forms. They look, feel, warm and bounce like natural breasts.

We want to be feminine so it is natural to assume the forms look and feel natural to us! But this isn’t a claim anyone makes.

Silicone also feels like a natural breast through clothing

Close physical contact, even a hug, will not reveal that you are wearing one,

If the advertiser doesn’t say it feels natural to the wearer, then how natural is the look and feel of breast forms?

Let’s be objective.


Real breasts don’t tear at your skin. They don’t sit like lifeless forms in your bra. The breast has muscle in it, and has no more a feeling of being attached and having a weight than does your bottom. Until age catches up with you and it goes saggy and pendulous a breast doesn’t appear to weigh anything. So don’t waste money getting weighted breast forms! The more you feel the weight of the form the less you have a “natural” feeling.


At few times when tissue is growing, breasts are very tender and sensitive. But in the steady state they are mostly just tissue. They don’t have the heightened sense of touching things that we imagine even though they are more prone to hitting things than a flat chest. So this is a similarity with inert breast forms.

If left unsupported in the gym or pummeled they get sore (a bra has a real function which is turns out to be more important than looking good!). And of course natural breasts have nipples which respond to being touched – but expecting a breast form to emulate that would be a bit unrealistic.


Real breasts are the same colour as your skin. I know this is obvious, but a breast form can only give you a fake cleavage. And the more you tape and push things to create a “look” the less things will feel like the real thing. Natural breasts create a painless cleavage that feels … well natural.


The area of your chest in contact with a breast form has sweat glands. And sooner or later you will have to remove the breast form and wash the skin. A natural breast may get a bit itchy underneath, but you can always just take it for a dip in the pool!


The design of breast forms has progressed to the point where often they have a more perfect shape than many natural breasts. I’m not sure how this affects the look and feel experienced by the wearer, but if it does, a well selected breast form is a clear winner.

And the final score

Is the experience of wearing breast forms a natural one?

Weight – No

Sensation – Close

Cleavage – No

Comfort – No

Shape - Maybe

My personal conclusion is that breast forms do not, and cannot, feel to YOU the same as real breasts.

They are actually quite noticeably different.

Which of course explains why the advertisers do not make that claim.

But that doesn’t make natural breasts better.

There are still plenty of good reasons to use forms.

For a start, they will not affect your health, can be removed when they are inconvenient, and can be changed to suit your mood. Not to mention the money you will save! And if you enjoy the way they feel to you so much the better.

Although they may look and feel like real breasts to others, what you are feeling isn’t actually like the real thing. It actually is just another compromise on our journey!

Perhaps some honest advertiser might actually say that one day!


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